What cuases baby acne and how can I get rid or it?

You may see your new born with small pimples on their face, usually on their cheeks, nose, eyelids, chin, and/or forehead. This may be baby acne, which is also referred to as neonatal acne. It’s common in newborns and appears in 3 out of 10 babies.

When Does Baby Acne Start and How Long Does It Last?

Baby acne may first appear on your newborn at around 2 to 5 weeks old. So, when does baby acne go away? It's a temporary condition that typically clears up after about three to four months and leaves no scars.


What Causes Baby Acne?


There is no way to prevent baby acne. Experts are not exactly sure what causes baby acne, but it could be due to one of the following:

  • Inflammation caused by yeast on your baby's skin
  • Overstimulated oil glands in your baby's skin caused by encountering hormones in the placenta during your pregnancy.

Baby acne has nothing to do with the type of acne that a teenager may experience.

Baby acne looks like tiny red or white bumps (a.k.a. milia) or pustules that appear on your infant's cheeks, nose, eyelids, chin, and/or forehead. Sometimes the acne can also appear on your baby’s scalp or on their neck or upper trunk. Unlike acne that teens and adults can experience, baby acne does not have blackheads or whiteheads.

How to Treat Baby Acne

There are no treatments or natural, at-home remedies for clearing up baby acne—you will just have to wait for it to go away on its own.

Here’s how you can care for your little ones skin:

  • Place a soft, clean blanket under your baby’s head when they’re awake to shield their skin from any laundry detergent or perfume residue on sheets or clothing
  • Ensure that your baby's bed sheets and clothing haven't been washed with harsh laundry detergents (use one designed specifically for babies)
  • Maintain proper hygiene by gently washing your little one's face every day with warm water and a mild baby soap and pat it dry (Using our ECZEMA SHAMPOO & BODY WASH or BABY 2-IN-1 SHAMPOO & BODY GEL will help skin irritations and help sooth skin) Avoid irritating the acne by pinching or scrubbing the pimples as this may cause more harm or even lead to an infection. Avoid moisturizing their face with lotions or oils.

Baby acne will not stay forever. Take care of your little one's skin as best as you can, wait for it to pass.

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